Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SOL #2 Schedule for high school

I was frustrated when I learned that Morton’s schedule was changing so I was mad.
We have to come out of school later but the good thing is we start school late at 9:00 AM. My brother was teasing me about that but I was mad/happy at the same time. I think starting at 9 will be good for me because I will be up and I sleep late so I can stilling rest and wake of at 8:45.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Outsiders blog

There is many differences in the book and the movie.The book is more detailed than the movie for a example Soda’s girlfriend sandy is in the book, but the movie never talks about her. In the book it says that soda wanted to marry sandy that he loves her. Also in the movie, Dally’s Death was more of a big deal. First he got shot by the grocery store person he shot him once on his back. He got shot because he robbed a grocery store and he ran from the police who shot Dally. In the book it says that he got shot and he died.
The similar things are the burning church and johnny dies. And they won the rumble and ponny boy almost died in the rumble.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Tortas Blog

Have you ever had tortas?
I had the best tortas ever I love them. My best torta place is el neove poncticlan. It's close where I live. Me and my family go there on saturdays or sundays. I get my tacos from there and gorditias.
Some people from heritage middle school love tacos and tortas like my friends. Everyone should love tacos and tortas.


                                              Have you ever ate tacos de asada?
I first time I has tacos was when I was like 7 years old. My grandma made them they where delicious.
When my grandma cooked them I ate like 5 tacos. Me and my family like tacos they say the same thing i say delicious.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The day with my brothers at six flags.

            Have you ever went to six flags with your brothers and sisters and went on the superman ride?
 The day at six flags with my brothers. We had a lot of fun that day we went on
Rides. Me and my 4 brothers went on the same ride called super man it was so fun. It went so fast that I couldn't scream. When we where getting on the rides they told us to hold our phone tight. Then when we where on the ride me and my brothers where happy cause that was the best moment with my brothers at six flags riding the same ride called superman. Also when we where going down it felt like we where falling down to the floor. Finally we got off the the superman ride, I had a fun time with my brothers.